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Get it to work

I use the API of However, it needs an API key and that is only provided after you register. So basically, the key is a secret. No big surprise, it's a key afterall. So first, you need such an API key. Register, log in and start a project. Name it weatherslice. You'll get your API key. Write it into the file API key. Nothing fancy, just a single line.

In the project settings, make sure the forecast includes the tags dhl, w, pc, tn, tx and ws.

Configure it

Nürnberg is a great city. Seriously. But chances are that you live elsewhere. No worry, the app is easy to configure. Open the file Weather Slice.exe.config. It's a plain normal XML file. The field CityID is what we're looking for. Open and search for your favorite place. The URL für Nürnberg ends with DE0007131.html, you should recognize the ID here.

Before I forget, have fun adjusting the strings to whatever language you prefer. I've put them into the settings file to make the app is easy to localize.

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